Winter Solstice, Even The Spiders Think It’s Spring

It’s the shortest day of the year, but this morning it feel like spring.  It’s warm and raining, everything turning to mud.  Jon and I will have to postpone our Solstice Fire, but we’ll find another way to celebrate.

I downloaded Paul Winters Winter Solstice Consort so that and the wood stove will bring us light.

The ice is all melted on the pond this morning and as I peered in looking to see who might be swimming around, I saw this circular clump  of, I wasn’t sure what , that seemed to be moving on its own.  I watched it for a while then took out my iPhone to get  a video.

I could see the tiny legs reaching out of the clump of grass and reeds, but still didn’t know what it was till I saw the spiders skittering across the top of the water.

I guess the spiders think it’s spring too.

Check out the tiny green pieces of grass that form  star where the spiders legs are pulling it out.



2 thoughts on “Winter Solstice, Even The Spiders Think It’s Spring

  1. Maria How do the spiders not drown?

    I sent a COMMENT about the bellly dancing but not sure if it went through. You did look SO comfortable and it is HARD. Moving the hips. I can move maybe one hip then the other – Maybe – but not in any kind of rhythm. Very difficult movements and you looked so at home.

    1. It’s still not so easy for me to move my hips the way they are supposed to go Eileen. But I”m getting better. My right hip know, how to move, my left, not so much. And spiders can walk on water. The skim along the top and I imagine these spiders are naturals on water since they hatch there.

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