Jon’s Solstice Pillow

Jon and his Solstice Pillow

Some years ago, when Jon was into Disney, I made him a pillow with scraps of fabric, that someone sent me,  with  Tinkerbell on it.

Jon used it when he napped in the living room.

It’s gotten worn over the years and a few weeks ago, Bud seemed to think it was one of his toys and started chewing on it.  I was going to fix it, but then thought it was time for Jon to have a new pillow anyway (as if Bud knew).

So I got out my Language of the Goddess Book and a soft,  old, cotton cloth from my stash, and started to draw.

I was thinking of images that might spark creative dreams.   So I chose symbols  that had to do with birth and rebirth.  Eggs and vagina’s, goddesses and water.   As I drew I thought about “sleep” and chanted the word in my mind.

It was as much ritual as art and I completed it by giving Jon the Pillow on the Winter Solstice. The longest night of the year.


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