Nann’s Bedlam Farm Wool Socks

The socks Nann made from Bedlam Farm Wool

“Love your sheep”  Nann wrote above the photo of the red socks she made from Bedlam Farm wool.

She posted this picture on my Facebook page, and I am just Wowed by it.  The red wool is so rich and she used some of her worsted wool she had from Liam, Kim and Rosemary from the year before for the white.

She took a photo in the perfect setting.  I can just imagine my sheep wandering up the lane behind the socks and checking them out.

2 thoughts on “Nann’s Bedlam Farm Wool Socks

  1. Maria At the Santa Monica CA library on a Saturday. Those socks ! That is a real Santa and Mrs. Claus RED! Just gorgeous. They look as though they were loomed – not knitted. I wonder how they were constructed and the background is just perfect.

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