The Quilt for Ellen Continued….

The Quilt for Ellen

I finished designing Ellen’s quilt this evening, with just enough time to slice up the pears for Jon’s pizza and empty the  pomegranate of it’s seeds into a big bowl to go with the pizza for dinner.

I did end up taking a couple of pairs of Jon’s jeans from his shelf.  Now there’s plenty of room for the ones he still wears.

There are some details in this quilt that I really love.  I didn’t get to take pictures of them, but I will.  I think they’re worth mentioning.

I’ll make sure the quilt works for Ellen before I put order the wool batting that I use in the quilts I’ve made for her in the past.   It usually only takes a few days for the batting to be delivered.  I can figure out the backing and maybe make a few potholders while I’m waiting.

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