Jon Give The Sea Creature A Hair Cut


Jon giving the sea monster a hair cut

I love to look at and watch the fish, snails and plants in our fish tank.  But Jon is much better at taking care of it.  He changes the water, and adds more as it evaporates.  He changes the filter and is always searching for new plants for the tank.

Over the weekend we got a package from Vietnam.  Inside was a piece of driftwood that looks like a tree.  I think it inspired Jon to do a major cleaning and rearranging of the tank.  I came in to find him giving one of the pumice sea monsters a hair cut.  The moss (or what ever it is that grows on him) grew so much he was unrecognizable.

I was a little concerned about how Junior would handle all the turmoil and changes in the tank, but last night he was came out to snack on some of the algae that was unearthed when we moved the gravel around.

This afternoon Jon took a little more hair off the sea monster  and made a few more adjustments in the tank.  Now it’s even easier to see the fish and snails.

I  wonder if they feel like someone rearranged the furniture.

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