Rooster Morning Hair

Lately I’ve been waking up to Rooster Morning Hair.  I don’t know why this is suddenly happening, perhaps it’s part of the “wild” coming out in me.  Or maybe it’s a menopause thing.  All kinds of strange things happen when it comes to Menopause and hair.

If  I  start crowing at dawn, then I’ll start to worry.

4 thoughts on “Rooster Morning Hair

  1. Still laughing about the menopause and hair. I’m always surprised that all women experience some of these phenomena during menopause; you would think that surely some women, somewhere, at some time, managed to escape these events. The “pause” part always concerned me a little; what, you mean it can come back?

    The rooster hair is very cute; enjoy it! I haven’t looked at the back of my hair in years, because it went flat during the big MP and I figured I didn’t have to look at it anyway!

    Happy New Year to us all!

    1. I never thought about the “pause” in menopause. That’s a daunting idea! And the back of my hair! I think of it only when I see a picture. That’s more than enough!

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