The Cowboys On The Wallpaper

The Rodeo wallpaper

One night, a few weeks ago, I saw our bedroom painted a sage color.  Since then I’ve been thinking of removing the wall paper.  I started today.

The paper on the north wall has been hanging off the wall in some places since we moved in the house.

It was a fun place to start.  I got most of the wallpaper off that low wall with just a scraper.  It came off in big sheet.

There were three layers of paper, the one closet to the wall with a rodeo and cowboys and cactus.  the photo above is of the largest piece that I found so far.  As I scraped it off, it broke into a few pieces, but I saved them all.  Don’t know what I’ll do with them, if anything.

Just one cowboy didn’t come off easily.  I’m going to leave him there and paint around him.

I heard the Florence, who lived in the house for over 80 years was always repapering the wall.  I guess this was her sons room at one time.


The first cowboy I found. He’s riding a bull.

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