The Feeling That Comes When Listening To The Woods

I get this feeling when I walk in the woods as if I’m not alone.  I’ve always felt it, even when I was a kid.

It’s a comforting feeling and it comes when my mind goes quiet and I begin to listen.  It’s the same thing I do with the donkeys, when I sit quietly with them.

A full and round feeling fills up my chest and my heart beats a little quicker.  I always say “hello” welcoming it, hoping it will stay.  And it does stay for a while, but the intensity of it eventually fades.

I don’t think of it much when I’m not in the woods, and I don’t go there looking for it.  Not consciously.  But when it happens, I remember again how loved and safe it makes me feel.

This leaf was sitting on the mushroom growing out of a fallen limb from the Shag Bark Hickory that I often visit in the woods.

4 thoughts on “The Feeling That Comes When Listening To The Woods

  1. Will you put your photographs for sale in the shop? You really should (in my humble opinion). I love the one of Fate in the woods, and this one of the leaf on the mushroom. The de-composers in nature, preparing to nurture the beginnings of spring. Just beautiful.

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