The Last Sunburst Potholders For Sale

She wasn’t very happy about it at first, but I gave Fate a biscuit for posing with my new batch of Sunburst Potholders.  I’m hoping that’s compensation enough.  If not, I’ll bring her to the sheep and she’ll forget I ever asked her to do it.

This is my last batch  of Sunburst Potholders.  I’m all out of Sunbursts. This kind anyway, I’m sure there’s more out there to be found.

Three of the Potholders have already sold, but there are still five Sunbursts and two Intuitive Patchwork Potholder in my Etsy Shop.

Since I’m now using Etsy Shipping, and it’s less expensive, I’ve lowered the shipping price of my potholders.  It’s now $5 for the first one and $1 for each additional one.

You can get to my Etsy Shop by clicking on the Shop Etsy button below.

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5 thoughts on “The Last Sunburst Potholders For Sale

  1. I love this photo! You are so right about Fate’s posing, Maria. And the color of the wooden floor is so perfect with the beautiful bright potholders. Annie

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