New Year’s Walk, The Sound Of The Stream In The Woods



6 thoughts on “New Year’s Walk, The Sound Of The Stream In The Woods

  1. Maria thank you for this beautiful video of the babbling brook. I used to live in New Hampshire. Now I am living in Southern California. You took me back to New Hampshire where i would love to go for walks. Thank you for your writing and your beautiful artwork. You are an inspiration.

    1. I’m so glad I could do that for you Barbara. I decided to make the video just for the reason you mention, for people who don’t get to walk in these kind of woods. I know I’d love to see a video of the different places people walk in nature and what that nature looks and feels like.

  2. I live in Verdi, NV close to the Truckee River. One of my walks is alongside the river on a defunct golf course. I can see and hear the river chattering away until I go down a slight hill and turn towards the mountain when the sounds of the river are silenced. I am always amazed by the sounds of the river and how quickly they are silenced by a simple turn in the path. I love our walks; it brings forth my gratitude for the sounds and sights of nature and appreciation for some of the choices I’ve made and the ability to continue lifes path. Thanks Maria for the blog and moments of silence meditation. Bev from Nevada

    1. Ya know Bev, I never really noticed how the sound of the stream comes and leaves so dramatically until I took this video. Then I was kind of stunned by it. Now I think I’ll aways hear it this way. Some people find nature where ever they are. I love how you appreciate your life choices and tat your walks help you realize your gratitude. I think the same thing, when I can stop my work and go for a walk when I need to or choose to. Always grateful for my choices.

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