Our Old Garbage Dump In The Woods

Grinding wheel covered in moss

There’s an old dump in our woods, as there are in many woods where there were farms.  Ours is a small one compared to some I’ve seen.  A bed spring, and old washer base (the kind Ed Gulley would make into a turtle) some jars and enamel pots, a car fender being absorbed by a tree, and other metal I can’t identify.

There are also grinding wheels.  Two that I found today, covered in moss, the metal hub not yet rusted away.  They blend so well with the earth by now, only the perfect curve of the circle gave them away.

Fate checking out the milk can

Fate found the milk can.  It has a few holes, but is mostly intact,heavy with soil, the top stuck on tight.  I could make out the words, Granview Farm  embossed in the metal.

The enamel pot I took with me.

I was tempted to bring the wheel and the milk can back to the farm, but they were too heavy.  I did take a dark blue enamel pot with me.  The handle broke off when I picked it up, but the rest of the pot is whole. I think it will make a good planter.

I wonder what the people, who lived in our house, would think about me bringing back the garbage they threw away so long ago.

4 thoughts on “Our Old Garbage Dump In The Woods

  1. Oh that’s a find and a wonderful planter full of color. I am with you on the grinding wheel. I was sitting here thinking WOW that is a huge find and one that I would definitely want to bring home with me! Hope you can figure out how to bring it back.

  2. That enamel pot will make an excellent planter. I always look for odd pots to plant in as long as it has a drain hole. My husband drilled a hole in a crucible so I could plant flowers in it. The crucible has many colors from all the metals that where melted in it and flowed over the edges. Hope we get to see the planted pot.

    1. That sound like a wonderful find Uta. When I put a plant in the pot, I’ll post a picture of it. I might use it as a “dish” for a house plant.

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