New Full Moon Bookmarks and Business Cards

I left the postoffice and, out of the corner of my eye,  saw two cars parked across the street at A&M Printers.   I ordered my new business cards and bookmarks a few weeks ago, but every time I went to the printers to see if they were done, the door was locked.

I hadn’t heard they were away for the holidays, but assumed that’s what happened.

So today, just in time to mail out my latest potholders, my first sales of the New Year,  I picked up 1000 business cards and 500 Bookmarks. Brad said the 100 Show Your Soul postcards that I ordered would be ready tomorrow.

I packed up the first potholder for Lisa this afternoon.

It took me a little while to get used to seeing the new business card tied to the potholders.  I wrote a quick “Thank You” on the back of the book mark and put it all in the envelope.

I would never have thought to make bookmarks if I didn’t start selling my work on Etsy.  I got the idea when I realized I didn’t have to send people paper receipts because they got digital ones directly from Etsy when they bought something.

I still wanted to have a way to acknowledge the sale and thank the buyer.  That’s when I thought of bookmarks.  Much better, I think,  than a paper receipt, which probably just got thrown in the garbage most of the time anyway.

I still have a few potholders for sale in my Etsy Shop.  And I’ll be making more by early next week.  I like to keep my shop stocked but,( lucky for me) sometimes it’s hard to keep up with  it.

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