Removing The Wallpaper At Bedlam Farm

Jon and I were back at it today, removing the wallpaper from the bedroom walls.

It’s not really a how-to video, but I do explain how we do it.

The video shows the fun part, but after posting this I’m going back upstairs to do the clean-up.  It’s not so bad as far as clean-up goes, but definitely not as much fun as peeling wallpaper.

Jon took a video too, you can see it here. 

4 thoughts on “Removing The Wallpaper At Bedlam Farm

  1. Okay, so I know that the wheelie thing is a Paper Tiger, and that spraying with water and fabric softener works well, but the old style steamer worked great, but was a pain in the ass. Also, that wallpaper looks suspiciously similar to the loathed wallpaper in my bathroom. It’s days are numbered. Just a question of tearing out a wall and expanding the bathroom, or just ripping and repainting.
    We may be sisters under the skin.

    1. Oh I haven’t had overall in years, But I did like them when I had them. I’ve never worked with a steamer. What I like about this way of doing it is only having to wait for the water to seep in then peeling. I don’t know how the steamer works. You’re more ambitious than I am, I’m not even considering moving walls. And I think we definitely have some sisterness going on….

  2. Oh Lord! The joys of removing wallpaper! When we did a complete gut of our home in 2017, we had TONS of wallpaper. We opted to put shiplap over 99% of it JUST so we didn’t have to scrape and peel wallpaper! The parts that we had to scrape gave us the devil, for sure. Painting shiplap was beastly, but I preferred that over removing wallpaper. God pity the person who has our home years from now, and wants the shiplap off – they will have their work cut out for them underneath all that wood!! At least you guys know how to make it fun!!!

    1. I can completely understand just wanting to cover it over Karla. We’re lucky with our wall paper, It’s mostly only a few layers thick and has all come off very easily. And just think of all the old wall paper you preserved. 100 years from now some history buff will appreciate it!

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