Jon’s First Acting Class

When Jon leaned over and whispered to me, in the theater,  that he wanted to take an acting class, I was surprised and at the same time, it almost felt like I knew what he was going to say.

Christine Decker, who acted in a play Jon wrote a couple of years ago, was onstage, telling the audience how the Old Castle Theater, (where we were) needed volunteers and that she was starting her acting class again in January.

Christine’s passion for the theater was so contagious, I even thought of volunteering.

Jon just left for his first acting  class a little while ago.  He wrote about it earlier on his blog.  About how he didn’t really know why he was drawn to take the class, but, of course, had some ideas about it.

From what I can see, I think he is a kindred spirit with Christine Decker.  Both of them passionate and dedicated to their creative work.   Jon has a lot of respect for Christine and feels he can definitely learn something from her.

But I also believe that when Jon sat in the theater before the play started, he felt something when Christine mentioned her class.   He felt that there was something for him there.   And he trusted that feeling enough to take the class.

I don’t think he has to know why he wants to take this acting class, just that he knows he wants to, and is doing it,  is enough.

I love that part of it.

How he trusts his own feelings.  And I also admire how Jon is willing to do something he’s never done before.  How he’s willing to put himself in a  class-room like setting, that he gave up on long ago and never expressed any interest in, unless he was doing the teaching.

I think of it as similar to my Bellydancing.

Who knows what will come of it.  I only know that Jon has chosen to open himself up to this very new experience.  And if that’s all it ends of being, I still think it’s an important and creative thing to do.

2 thoughts on “Jon’s First Acting Class

  1. I’m not surprised at all. Jon has been acting all his life…(not unusual, most of us have), but even he is aware of when it is intentional…a good photographer has to be a good actor! I’m guessing that he will be in some kind of play before we see the end of 2019!

    1. I don’t really see Jon as an actor Susan. But I imagine he’s capable. He does love to be in front of an audience, but in a different way,as himself not trying to be someone else.I’m not really sure about the connection between the actor and photographer. Although he did say that the creative process is very similar.

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