Kindness, A Tiny Oasis In The Snow

“You hear all the horror stories on the news and think the world is going to hell, and then you hear about something great like this and you wonder how many other great things are happening that we never hear about.”

This is what my Aunt  Katie wrote back to me when I sent her a photo of the quilt I made for Wendy and told her how Wendy and her family lost everything they owned in one of the California fires, and that one of my readers wanted to buy the quilt for her.

And it’s exactly what I always think when I hear of the kindnesses that people do for one another.

All those small things made me think of this photo I took when walking in the woods yesterday.  This little mound of ferns is only a couple of inches round, yet it’s a tiny oasis in the snow.

I imagine all the good things that people do for each other every day that are never known except by the people on the giving and receiving end.  All those little oases in the snow, must add up to something at least as great as all the horrors we hear about on the news everyday.

It’s matter of faith for me to believe our kindnesses can add up to something great.   But it’s actually committing the kindness, that grows my faith.

4 thoughts on “Kindness, A Tiny Oasis In The Snow

  1. Fortunately, the little oases are shared by blogs such as yours and Mr. Jon’s. Those of us who get to read them are happy, indeed. I didn’t realize the sweet ferns stayed green in such conditions! Such an appropriate symbol for these thoughts. Thank you.

    P.S. Hope Socrates is still ok!

    1. It’s funny with ferns, some stay green and others turn brown and die. I don’t know enough about them to know the deferences between them all. And so far so good with Socrates!

  2. Loved this post, Maria. I believe that acts of kindness and goodness are going on all the time, behind the scenes. No one needs to blow their own horn about it because it’s how they live. When I read about what you and Jon do, it inspires me. I tend to just ignore the negative and try to be light, not heat. Some people have told me I have my head in the sand. Well, so be it. At least I like the Oasis that I see!!

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