My New Creative Tool, A Fish-eye Lens

Jon, taken with my fish-eye lens.

Jon has this thing about making sure the creative people he knows are constantly getting creative tools to better their work.

I’m one of the lucky recipients of Jon Creative Mission.

This afternoon, Jon gave me a fish-eye lens for my iPhone.  “It’ll be perfect for those pictures you take in the woods” he told me “or in the nooks of your studio.”

After figuring out how to attach the lens to my iPhone (it needed a new case made for the lens which, of course, Jon also got me) Jon was my first subject.

Then I got this picture of our dinning room, with Fate and Bud and all the stuff that ends up on our very big table during the week.  It only gets cleaned off on a regular basis because this is where Jon has his writing class.

Between the colors and all the stuff, it’s kind of a feast for the eyes.

Next I’ll take it to the woods…..

6 thoughts on “My New Creative Tool, A Fish-eye Lens

  1. Love this! A whole new perspective. Which we all need from time to time. P.S. Condolences on the passing of Socrates 2. P.P.S. My postcards arrived today! Thank you. Can’t wait to spring them on my friends. ;-}

    1. Ah Good Jill! I hope your friend like them! And just today, the next Socrates arrived. I wish I had a photo of him, but he’s hiding in the plants. Maybe tomorrow…..

  2. Love the pics from this lens! Can’t wait to see the woods with it. So sorry for Socrates. And the circle of life continues. Thank you and Jon for the thoughtful handling of the life and death of your beloved animals of all species.

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