Socrates IV And His New Friend Junior

Socrates IV and Junior

The day my Mystery Snail, Socrates III died, another Mystery Snail was delivered to our home.

Jon had ordered the new  Mystery Snail a few days before, assuming that Socrates III was indeed dead.  It just happened by chance that he arrived on the same day, but it feels like an affirmation.

I’ve been trying to get a picture of our new Socrates,  but he’s been laying low, until today.  This morning he was all the way at the top of the tank, resting on the back wall.

I don’t know if Junior was just trying to get from one place to another and Socrates was in the way, or if he was welcoming him to the tank.

But there was Junior on Socrates back.

I you look closely you can see Juniors antenna and his tail.  He’s still small, but he’s growing.  Sometimes I don’t see Junior for days, then he just appears a little bigger each time.

I hope Socrates IV is happy in his new home.  I know I’m happy to have him here.

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