A New Fabric Painting… Tulips or Vulvas

I saw the eyes a few weeks ago.  They were at the very bottom edge of an old quilt.  I knew my vision was the beginning of a new Fabric Painting.

The design of the quilt is called a tulip.  If you look carefully you can see the quilted stems and leaves. (although they’re upside down now).  Since the moment I saw the quilt I thought I was looking at vulva’s not tulips.

It’s that old flower vs vulva argument I guess.

As I cut the section of quilt I wanted to use for the ground of my Fabric painting, I saw that the eyes fit perfectly in the quilted diamonds.  And the tulip/vulva made a perfect third eye.  (turn the quilt on its side and the tulip/vulva becomes and eye itself.)

I’ll finish stitching the eyes, lavender this time I think, because of a dream I had of a friend with beautiful, sparkling, lavender eyes.

After that I’ll see what comes next.

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