Bud Comes Out Of The Doghouse To Play

Fate stuck her head in the doghouse and barked playfully.

A moment later Bud stuck his head out of the doghouse and watched as Fate tossed around the  toy that belonged to my dog Frieda.

You can see Bud pick up the toy and tease Fate with it in the video.

We’ve had the seemingly indestructible  toy for almost 15 years.  When I first got Frieda, from the SPCA, she wouldn’t play at all. I had another dog at the time, and lots of dog toys, but she wasn’t interested in any of them.

Then I got Frieda this heavy-duty, squeaky toy, and she started tossing it around and playing with it.

I know now it was less play and more hunting,(I saw Frieda do the same thing to a skunk and woodchuck, years later)  but Frieda looked like she was having fun for the first time since I got her.

Frieda’s toy doesn’t squeak anymore, but all the dogs we’ve had since Frieda died, (except Red, who is to dignified to play)seem to love playing with it.

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