Bless The Running Water

If you can’t hear my voice over the loudly running, beautiful water, I was wondering if anyone knows of the pagan celebration where people place flowers on their well to thank if for it’s water.

I remember hearing about it years ago, but don’t remember the specifics fit.  I’d love to know more about it, and celebrate it.

So if you know, please let me know…. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Bless The Running Water

  1. How wonderful that you have your water back. I remember vaguely something about the water (springs, I’m thinking?) pagan celebration, from reading something about that in a favorite book series by Mary Stewart, her Arthurian series. The Crytal Cave is the first, then The Hollow Hills, then the Last Enchantment. I loved them–historical fiction, Merlin and King Arthur, with magic which seems quite logical and real the way she wrote it.

    1. The books sound wonderful Melissa. I’ll look into the idea of springs instead of wells. That may make the difference in finding information.

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