Wool Batting For Ellen’s Quilt

The wool batting, Fate and the Ellen’s Quilt top

It took longer than usual to get the wool batting from St Peter Mill in Minnesota.  I ordered it for Ellen’s quilt that I designed in the beginning of January.

But now it’s here and I have the back of the quilt  all ready to go, so it’s just a matter of sewing it all together and tacking it.

The wool batting is about three inches thick and so different to work with than the thin cotton I usually use.  Tacking it with yarn, makes it into a big puffy, warm and cuddly quilt.

I’m planning on getting back to it on Monday morning.

2 thoughts on “Wool Batting For Ellen’s Quilt

    1. I didn’t use it till Ellen said she wanted a thicker 100% wool batting. She actually found St. Peter Mill In Minnesota. I do like the feel of it and it’s pretty warm too.

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