Frosty Donkeys


I’ve never seen the donkeys with as much frost on their faces as this morning.

It was 20 below when I went out to feed the animals.  But the sun is out and the sky is a bright blue. It’s already warming up some.  Yesterday I dug some more paths in the snow so the animals can walk around a bit and  even stand in the sun if they choose to.

Even though I don’t work outside, the weather still affects my work.

I decided it’s a good day to work on getting all  the Bedlam Farm Wool, I sold on Sunday,  in the mail.  Heating up my studio would take a while in this kind of cold.  It’s supposed to be in the 40’s tomorrow, which will feel like a heat wave.   So my plan is to work in the house today and tomorrow I’ll put down the winter rug down in my studio (which cuts the drafts coming in from the uninsulated floor)  and finish Ellen’s quilt.


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