Fate, Bud And The Rawhide Bone

Bud leaves his rawhide bone

I don’t usually have both Fate and Bud in my studio with me when I’m working.  But today was Jon’s Radio Show, Talking To Animals.  Jon takes Red with him to the Radio Station and I take Bud into my studio while he’s gone.

Today, I gave each dog a raw hide bone to keep them busy while I was working.

Bud got right to work, chewing on his bone, but Fate walked around my studio looking for a place to  hide hers.  She finally found a good place in a pile of fabric on the floor.

Then she stalked Bud to try to get his bone.

Bud chewed and chewed for a long time, while Fate stared at him from behind the quilt called Winter, that I was tacking.

This is a familiar story by now.

At some point, for some reason, Bud walks away from his bone.  Either Fate has finally convinced him to give it to her, or he just gets tired of chewing on it.


Then Fate, slowly moves in and snatches the bone.

I’m not sure what Bud’s thinking after Fate takes his bone.  But he often sits near by while she finishes it off.  If Bud gets too close, Fate give a little growl, or shows some teeth.   Bud doesn’t push it.

The first few times I saw them do this, I gave Bud the bone Fate hid.  But he never showed any interest in it.  So I’ve learned to let them be.

They seem to know what it’s all about, even if I don’t.

4 thoughts on “Fate, Bud And The Rawhide Bone

  1. The look on Bud’s face is priceless. It seems to be full of resignation, saying to you, “I am resigned to my Fate.”


  2. Oh, Maria, what a lovely “Photo Story”!! And I love your beautiful quilt “Winter”. It reminds me of a Civil War era masterpiece, done by the hearth. Annie

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