Vortex Meditation

When I first started taking my Meditation Videos, they just seemed to appear to me.  Now I go out looking for them.

Not that I know what I’m going to find.  But I do have the intention of seeing what is in front of me that would make a good thirty second meditation.  And usually, when I do this, I find something.

Today the fields are flooded again from the melt after this weekends snow storm.  The water flowing into the culvert at Lulu’s Crossing created a vortex.

This morning I went looking and this is what I found.

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2 thoughts on “Vortex Meditation

  1. Maria – what a surprise ** from the vortex then panning up to the beautiful snow, trees and sky.
    Will send a donation this weekend. Do not have a debit card and credit cards are used up.

    1. Oh Eileen, You’ve already sent me so many donations. I know you support many people and causes and I appreciate what you’ve done for me.

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