My Karakul, Kim

When we first got Kim about five years ago, we noticed how much she looks like the puppet Lambchop. Although she has been known to stomp her foot at the Fate and Bud, to try and chase them away, she has a really sweet face

She’s a Karakul, an Asian sheep who stores water in her tail.  Most farmers dock the tails of lambs a few days after they’re born.  It’s  done for health reasons, because the sheeps tails can collect feces.

We bought Kim from the farmer, Daryl,  who gave me my first sheep, Tess, Socks, Suzy and Zelda.

Daryl’s daughter raises Karakuls. They’re pretty unusual where we live.  Their wool is especially good  for rug making and felting.   I usually mix Kim’s wool with the wool of my other white sheep when I have it processed into yarn.


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