Record Player

The hotel where Jon and I stayed for my birthday is unique and quirky and just perfect for us.

Our room had  a big 1930’s bathtub, complete with leaky faucet and giant windows that take up one whole wall.   There was a Rock Maple dresser, original to the hotel, but the rest of the room was recently updated.

Our room also had a record player and three records on the night table.

I couldn’t resist playing them.  I haven’t touched a record in years.  I quickly found out that none of the records worked.  Either the needle skipped directly across them or they made strange only slightly recognizable sounds (which you can hear in the video).

I wasn’t even tempted to go online when we got home on Tuesday.

The time away was luscious and restorative.  Tuesday I laid on the couch like it was a Saturday afternoon and finished reading Jennifer Egans,  A Visit From The Goon Squad, which I started the day before, and completely enjoyed.

Thank you everyone for all your birthday wishes.  I have not doubt all that positive energy found its way to  me.


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