Bud and His Big, Blue, Bone

Jon, who is always buying treats and toys for the dogs, bought Bud a big, blue, bone.

When I first saw it I never imaged that Bud would even be able to pick it up.  But he can and he does, constantly.  He loves it so much he runs around the house moving it from one place to another.  And he won’t let Fate near it.

I can’t imagine the appeal, but Jon seems to know what the dogs want.

2 thoughts on “Bud and His Big, Blue, Bone

  1. Dear Maria, What a great photo! The big blue bone looks bigger than Bud! I am very much enjoying your phone calls to Jon’s Talking w/ Animals. Annie

    1. Oh I didn’t know you were out there listening Annie. I’ll have to write about it now that I’m going to be a regular on the show. Bud lives up to that bone in personality!

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