Lulu In My Footsteps

I took this video a few days ago.  I posted it on Instagram and facebook, but forgot to post it on my blog.

Fate and I were coming back from a walk in the woods and the sheep and donkeys were following us back to the barn for dinner.   As I turned around to get video of the donkeys, I saw Lulu stepping in my foot prints.

I’m sure it was easier for her to walk in my footprints than the fresh snow, but I was surprised to see her keep the same stride as I had walked.  It made me feel a closer to her somehow.

Her four feet and my two, walking the same walk.

4 thoughts on “Lulu In My Footsteps

  1. That was fun to see. I didn’t know they would do that. I love the donkeys. Such gentle but wise creatures. Blessings.

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