Thirty Second Meditation With Fate

I stepped over the wire fence between our back pasture and our neighbor’s property.  The Gulley Bridge is under water, so yesterday, when I went for a walk, I lifted the wires of the fence in the back pasture and called Fate.

She stepped through the fence and followed me into the woods.

Today Fate was more interested in the sheep than me, so I let her stay in the pasture as I made my way over the fence and up the hill into the woods.

The snow is deep enough to make walking difficult  but not really deep enough for snow shoes. So my walk was short and on the way back I saw the sun and ice on the stream so stopped to take a Thirty Second Meditation.

It wasn’t until I was done taking the video that I saw Fate.   She had slipped though the fence and came looking for me.

And it wasn’t until I was back home, that I saw Fate was in my video.  Patiently waiting for me on the other side of the stream.

4 thoughts on “Thirty Second Meditation With Fate

  1. Fate is keeping a watchful eye on you. I love the way the ice sickles have formed frozen discs on the water’s surface, reminds me of lily pads

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