The Sound Of Coyotes Across The Road

I was sitting in the living room blogging when I heard the coyotes outside.  They were right across the road, so loud.   I opened the front door  and recorded what I heard.

11 thoughts on “The Sound Of Coyotes Across The Road

  1. I used to live in North Central Phoenix. There are plenty of coyotes there living in the hills and the raw desert surrounding the washes right in the heart of the city. I walked a wash early one morning to beat the heat and a pack of four coyotes wandered from a street onto where I walked. I can’t say why, but I wasn’t afraid. The alpha, who walked at the rear of the pack, turned and looked at me several times. I stood still and then began walking when he walked.

    I saw a bald eagle fly overhead on another day. Magical!

    I live in a small city in Southern AZ now. Don’t miss Phoenix but I did have some adventures there.

    1. I’ve never seen more than one coyote at a time Janet. And that’s usually during the day Your experience sounds magical. I first heard coyotes in Tucson, Arizona. They sounded different from the coyotes we have here. I’ve heard that the coyotes on the east coast are a mix of coyotes that migrated from the west north through Canada and wolves from that area.

  2. They sound very different, Maria, you are right. Here the coyotes have a high pitched voice and sound as if they are singing. I live near acres of open desert and sometimes hear them at night. It’s beautiful. The neighbor’s dogs nervously bark and howl when the coyotes sing.

    1. Yes, Janet, I remember that. I actually made a line drawing of what they sounded like to me. It went up and up. It is beautiful. Fate barked at the video when I played it.

  3. Those coyotes sound really scary. We live in Los Angeles right near UCLA and just below the hills above Sunset Blvd.
    I’ve seen coyotes a number of times, but I’ve never heard them before listening to yours. They sound like there are a large number in that pack. They must be very near.
    Once I was walking around the block with my Lab and there were two of them walking down the middle of the street and they were parallel to us. I don’t remember the time of day, but it was light. Another time my husband and I were walking our late Shelties and I thought I saw two dogs walking down the street behind us; of course those “dogs” didn’t have leashes on and when my husband said they were coyotes, I picked up the Sheltie I was walking and came home. I didn’t want anything to happen to my dog. My husband kept walking our other Sheltie; he is braver than I am.

    1. That must have been wild to be walking with the coyotes Jane. And I don’t blame you for getting your sheltie home. I’d have done the same.

  4. I love this! Where I live in Maryland we only hear a pair every now and then. I adore all creatures and cherish the moments they share with us. Thanks for sharing!

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