I Am Now The Official “Roving Correspondent” For Jon’s, Talking To Animals, Radio Show…

It seems I’m now officially the “Roving Correspondent” for Jon’s Wednesday radio show, Talking To Animals.

How did this happen?

Well, first I called in to the show a few weeks ago when Jon and I were debating if my Mystery Snail Socrates was dead of alive.  Jon and Thomas both thought the conversation was interesting and useful enough for me to do it again the next week and then the week after that.

That’s when Jon asked if I would be the official “Roving Correspondent” of Talking To Animals.  I agreed when he told me it meant I would just keep calling into the show and we’d talk about animal stuff.

It’s been fun and it gets me thinking, and it might be good for my business too,  so I figured, why now?

Wednesday is the day I have lunch with my friends Mandy and Athena, so I miss the first half of the show. But I get home in  plenty of time to call in the second half.

When I call in to the show tomorrow sometime after 2pm, Jon and I will be talking about Fate.  How she’s a bit of a wild thing and how she doesn’t  comes when I call her into the house after feeding the animals. And how I believe I’ve  inadvertently trained her to do this.

So if you think you may have trained your dog to do the opposite of what you meant to train her/him to do, you might want to listen or call in yourself.

Once the weather gets warmer, I’m thinking of calling in from the pasture, to try to live up to the “roving” part of my new title.  But for now I’ll just keep calling in from my studio.

Talking to Animals is on from 1-3pm on Wbtn 1370AM.  You can call in and ask Jon questions about your own animals at 866 406-9286 or 802 442 1010.  And you can listen to the show by live streaming it here or you can  use the free Simple Radio app.




4 thoughts on “I Am Now The Official “Roving Correspondent” For Jon’s, Talking To Animals, Radio Show…

  1. Dear Maria, YOUR CALL TO TALKING TO ANIMALS HAS BECOME MY FAVORITE PART OF THE SHOW!! I’m REALLY looking forward to hear your story of training Fate! I KNOW I inadvertently trained my German Shepherd (now deceased) to do things I DID NOT want her to do!! Thanks so much for your input to the show. Annie

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