Fate In The Ice Eye



Fate’s Reflection in the ice. This is the version that Jon helped me with.

Except for the frozen ponds, there were only small patches of snow and ice left in the woods. I thought about how fortunate we are to have all these woods behind our house.  We didn’t know it when we bought the farm, but if I had, it would have made me want the property even more.

Today Fate and I wandered onto the Old Ice Road.  A dirt path that  people used to take to Lake Lauderdale to cut ice for their ice boxes.

The path was covered in thick, smooth ice.  I thought about how someday, if I lived long enough, I’d be afraid to walk on ice like that.   Afraid of falling and breaking a hip or wrist.

But I’m not there yet.

So I stepped onto the ice and skated along on my boots, Fate running ahead of me then slipping and sliding back.

Then I came to a spot where there was a hole in the ice, about 8 inches round,  that I could look down into and see the water beneath it.

I squatted down to take a picture and could see, how when framed by the camera, the hole and ice around it looked like an eye.

As I pressed the button on my iPhone to take a picture, Fate stood across from me, on the other side of the hole and looked down into it.  Getting her reflection on the water, in the pupil of the “eye” was a complete accident.

On my iPhone I could just barely see her reflection.

When I got home and showed the photo to Jon, he offered to  use his photo program to see if he could bring out Fate’s reflection.  I have a very simple photo program on my computer and knew it wouldn’t be able to bring up the darks and lights the way I’d want to.

Jon knew just how to bring out Fate’s reflection.  I watched as he came up with a few different versions and picked the one I liked best.  (That’s the photo above).

The woods was filled with a million little miracles today and I took a lot of pictures.  But this one of Fate was my favorite.

My original photo of Fate’s reflection in the hole in the ice.   You can see her foot and nose at the bottom of the photo.

4 thoughts on “Fate In The Ice Eye

  1. Dear Maria, What beautiful collaboration between you, Fate, and Jon to create this amazing photo!! And I have to say the same about your delightful, thoughtful interview a week ago w/ Jon about Fate’s training; and now the GREAT video Jon has posted of Fate HAPPILY following you out of the pasture. All of your commentary on the video is VERY HELPFUL! I can see exactly where I went wrong trying to get my German Shepherd, Ellie, to come to me.

  2. I’m entranced by both photos. Your original highlights the eye-like nature of the ice formation. The modified version feels like something out of a fantasy book, a fortune told though a vision. Wonderful. It’s also wonderful seeing how you and John support each other’s creativity.

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