Beauty in Everything

I’m not sure how obvious this photo is, but I’m wondering if you know what it is…

13 thoughts on “Beauty in Everything

  1. Given the title, I suspect this is a spot where dog/sheep/donkey urine met snow. Am I right?

    Having said that, it’s rather flower-like.

  2. My guess is honey? A picture taken into an open jar, showing the crystal parts that become liquid again if you sit the jar in some hot water……

    1. Oh can see that Hannah! I love that interpretation. It is actually the place in the snow where Fate urinated this morning. I’m glad you were able to see something different.

    1. Yes, Kelli, the dog people seem to know! I thought it interesting how the color is so hot yet when you know what it is, it’s say’s “cold.”

  3. I was going to guess dog pee hole in the snow, but then I thought, “No Way! Who would take a photo of that?” Maria, that’s who. LOL

    Hi, Maria.
    Thanks for the guessing game.

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