I’ll Be On WBTN Radio Today at 11Am…

Buttons dying on the kitchen sink

“Thomas wants to know if you want to be on his Morning Radio Show tomorrow”, Jon called to me from his study.

It was 10pm and I was washing my buttons in the kitchen sink.

Over the years the button in my tin have  gathered dust and dirt, that wafted up to my nose and eyes as I sifted though them.  It felt good to rinse them off, like giving my house plants a shower at the end of the winter.

I did an interview with Thomas once before on his Sunday Morning Arts Show.  We had a good conversation and he was easy to talk to.

I said sure.  I’m suddenly getting used to being on the radio.

So this morning at 11am I’ll be having a conversation with Thomas Toscano on his Bennington Today show.  We’re going to talk about how I got my business going selling my art online.

You can live stream it here.  Or listen to it again tonight on WBTN when it’s rebroadcast at 5pm.

10 thoughts on “I’ll Be On WBTN Radio Today at 11Am…

  1. I, too, have a large button box handed down to me by my Mother. While looking at your buttons, I noticed that many of the exact same ones are in my button box, too. Guess the ladies of the past saved every button in case they needed one for a future sewing job. Buttons today are utilitarian, not like yesteryear when they were decorative. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Darn, I missed you on the radio both times! Is there any way to hear it again? Or maybe you could tell the story of how your art evolved?

  3. I got to hear you, it was inspiring and fun and felt like having coffee. Thank you for being you and sharing your view

  4. Thanks Maria, but that link doesn’t bring up your podcast. Jon’s Talking With Animals is in the list of choices but not your conversation.

  5. Thanks, Maria. I found the broadcast but it’s broken somehow and keeps looping back to the beginning. Maybe one day you’ll write the story of the beginnings of Full Moon Fiber Arts for us. Many of your readers would be interested.

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