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Fate and the Sheep

Jon keeps saying that a few years ago I never would have agreed to be the Roving Correspondent on his radio show, Talking to Animals and I certainly wouldn’t have so readily agreed to the interview  on Thomas Toscano’s Bennington Today Radio Show that I did yesterday.

Actually I did both yesterday.  About an hour and twenty minutes of radio time total in one day.

I don’t know how these things happen, how they come about.  But there does always seem to always be another creative thing out there presenting itself to me.

I have to think about it and try to remember what Jon’s talking about when he says that, in the past,  I wouldn’t have agreed to be on the radio.  It all happened so gradually and seemingly when I’m ready for it that I don’t have an immediate  sense of who and how I used to be.

It’s as if I have to reread that old story of me.   And the story seems to be about another person.  Not who I ever really was.

Today I listened to yesterdays  podcast Jon’s radio show, Talking to Animals and heard what I sound like on the radio for the first time.

I thought it would be like watching the video of me Bellydancing.  That I might learn something from it.

It wasn’t as revelatory as when I watched myself dance for the first time.  It was more like, “Oh yeah, that’s what I sound like.”

I think what amazes me most about it is that there are at least a couple of people out there, who are interested enough in what I have to say to ask me questions and really listen to my thoughts and ideas.

Through my blog I’ve learned that there are people who are interested in my art and my writing, but I’ve alway had this idea about myself that my stories are boring.  So I try to rush through them before people start to tune out.

Jon and I often have good conversations and I’m able to do that with some friends too.  But it’s different when I’m on the radio, because I know there are potentially other people listening in on the conversation.

And that’s what it is really, with both Jon on Talking to Animals  and Thomas’ interview yesterday about my blog…a conversation.  And both of them ask really good questions that get me thinking.  And I get the feeling from both of them, that they’re listening and thinking about what I’m saying too.

So this is something new for me.

First it was putting my art out into the world.  Then my writing.  Most recently it’s been my body, through Bellydancing.  And now it’s through the spoken word.

Today I’m thinking of my conversation with Thomas and all the things I didn’t think to say in our conversation. I’m not regretful about it, it’s just given me more ideas to write about.

And I will.

I’m also thinking of what I’ll bring, as Roving Correspondent,  to Talking to Animals next week.

I think I’m beginning to enjoy this radio thing.

This is all going on on WBTN AM Radio.  Jon’s call in Radio Show, Talking to Animals is on every Wednesday from 1-3pm.  You can live stream it here. It’s also rebroadcast at 5pm on Wednesday.

If you’d like to hear my conversation with Thomas Toscan about how I started my blog and the part my potholders played in it, you can listen to the podcast here. 

Or you get the podcast of any past radio show on WBTN here.

6 thoughts on “This Radio Thing….

  1. Hi Maria. I listened to the 5:00 re-broadcast of your discussion with Thomas yesterday, and just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed it very much. I found the discussion to be extremely interesting (not the least bit boring!) – I think you’re a natural at this radio thing! Thomas’s questions/comments were thoughtful and thought provoking, and I appreciate your willingness to share how your blog & on-line art business began, how it’s grown, and how the stories and connections have influenced you. Really enjoyed the radio format and will be happy to tune in to future discussions if they are offered (hint, hint – we want to hear more!)

  2. oh my – I have tried twice to listen to this podcast. It stops each time at 16 minutes + will not go any further. In any case, what I heard was interesting + I so wanted to hear the whole interview. I wonder if it is a glitch – I used the link from your posting – both the link for the potholder interview as well as for the station.

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