Yoni Branch

This is the same fallen branch that I took a picture of in the summer with a bone in the center of it.  Before the snow, I found the bone near the branch.

Someone had been chewing on it.

Today the same fallen branch is dressed in snow.

Naturally,  I’m thinking of a Yoni Tree.  Trees with vulva shapes in them that are symbols of the life giving,  divine feminine.

2 thoughts on “Yoni Branch

  1. As a long time follower of the arts, I have often been exposed to the term phallic in regards to descriptions and criticisms I’ve read of said art. My friends innocent though we were wondered allowed what the word would be if indeed the shoe was on the other foot so to speak. We came up with vulvular, never having heard of the term yonic. It was great for us to realize in fact we didn’t invent it. There was a word all that time. We just hadn’t heard it. Damn Freud.

    1. I kinda love Vulvular Rose. But you’re so right, “phallic” is such as common word and we see it represented all around us. Yoni is there too, but not in the same way. Maybe someday….

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