Drawing A Still Life At The Mansion

Madeline and her still life

I went around the house finding things for the still life.   It was my monthly art class at The Mansion, Assisted Living Facility.

I thought of some of the first art classes I ever took.  The still life set up in the middle of the room, the green bottle, apple, teddy bear and draped fabric.

But I wanted my still life to be more inventive.

Instead of a vase, I filled the red boot, that Fran just sent me, with a peacock feather, a felted flower and a rolled up poster topped with a  boll weevil trap painted by the Mississippi artist LV.  I hung a necklace from one side of the boot and surrounded it with a donkey statue,  a  ceramic pony, a wooden and wire angel, an owl,  one of the ceramic hearts that Jon gave me for Valentines day and placed its all on a colorful scarf.  Most of what was in the still life was sent to me by blog readers over the years.

Everyone got a piece of paper and a pencil  and I told them to draw whatever part of the still life they wanted to.

Madeline drew everything she could see from where she was sitting and added a second boot to the drawing.  She called it “Madeline Gets The Boot.

Mary with her Donkey drawing

Mary decided to focus on the metal winged donkey that was in the still life.  She truly caught the essence of it.

Jean tracing the angel

Jean couldn’t decide where to start, so I took the angel from the still life and placed it on her paper so she could trace it. She did the same with the ceramic heart, then began coloring them in with a purple marker.

Sylvie with her drawing of the whole still life.

Sylvie, like Madeline, decided to draw the whole still life.  She was sitting across from Madeline so had a whole different view of it.  She also colored it in with markers.

Alice smiled  shook her head no when I asked if I could take a picture of her and her drawing.

I accidentally deleted the photo  of the still life with everyone drawing around it.  But I think you can get  a good  idea of what it looked like from the drawings.  Or maybe not.  That’s the beauty of doing something like this.

Sylvie was distressed  that her drawing didn’t look like a photograph.   But I told her that if we wanted a photo of the still life, we could take a picture of it.  The interesting part, of course, is that each person interprets the still life in their own way to make their own unique drawing.

10 thoughts on “Drawing A Still Life At The Mansion

  1. Maria,
    Your Mansion art classes are clearly a success. The delight on your artists’ faces is infectious. Thank you for sharing this important work with us.

    1. She really is Jill and she would appreciate your rhyme. When she finished her drawing I kept asking her if she wanted to do another or color that one in. She said no to all my suggestions, and I said how I keep trying. Madeline answered that “I sure was trying!” She’s a lot of fun.

  2. What a terrific activity for the Mansion residents! I can see how much they love you and your ideas just from the sparkle in their eyes and their beautiful drawings. I think you have helped cheer everyone up immensely now they are back at home.
    I’m honored you included the boot in your still life!

  3. Hah! My sisters and I would always say that to each other. “I’m trying [to do something]!” “Yes, very trying.” Maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll be Madeline when I grow up.

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