The Sun Had Something To Say This Morning

The thermometer read -10 when I got up this morning,  but the sun said something different.

Last night Jon was had a fever of 101 and was vomiting.  This morning he was outside,  naked except for his boots, taking pictures of the sun drenching the icy air, and eventing in its way, in  dazzling light.

I instinctively yelled for him to come in side or at least but a jacket on, but I completely understood why he was out there.

The cold, the sun, the light, it was all to spectacular not to try to photograph.

Jon did get a beautiful picture  capturing the light and the donkeys and sheep, which he decided to sell.

The photo, called The Winter Pasture, is for sale in my Etsy Shop and you can read Jon’s story about it here. 

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