Donkey Art, Mineral Block Owl Eyes

The donkeys have been working on this mineral block all winter.  This morning they succeeded in creating art.

For those of you who don’t know, we give the donkeys and sheep big blocks of both salt and minerals to chew on and lick.  They’re both are diet supplements, but the mineral blocks are supposed to help keep the donkeys from chewing the wood on the barn.  It doesn’t really work, as long as they can’t graze, they chew at whatever wood they can get to.

I save logs and tree limbs through the year and put them in the pole barn in the winter, but they’re still chewing on the wooden gates that we didn’t cover in wire.

The mineral and salt blocks are about 8″x12″ when they start out. But as the animals lick and chew them they morph, and sometimes into interesting shapes.

When I saw the perfectly round, evenly spaced holes, the same size, I immediately thought “eyes”.  But when I propped the sculpture up in the snow and stood back to look at it I saw they belonged to an owl.

It’s looks to me like and ancient artifact.  Something I might find in my Language Of The Goddess Book.

Now it’s true that the sheep may have had a hand, (or should I say a tongue) in creating the owl, but I tend to think it’s the donkeys who are the creative ones.  The ones who sculpted the mineral block  to look like and owl and then made sure that I saw it.

4 thoughts on “Donkey Art, Mineral Block Owl Eyes

  1. This is most definitely an owl. I pulled up a window shade over my kitchen window one morning and there was an owl staring back at me, perched twelve inches away in the honey locust tree, not moving an inch. It took me several minutes to wrap my early morning brain around what I was seeing.

    How clever (and wise!) of Lulu and Fanny. They have a great sense of humor.

    1. Wow! Jill, that’s really amazing! There has to be some meaning in that don’t you thing? Or maybe just lucky you to have witnessed it. And I think you’re right about Fanny and Lulu having a sense of humor!

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