Old Victorian Chair In The Barn

That old horse-hair stuffed Victorian chair looks right at home in the barn, even thought  I’m sure at one time, it was a fancy chair in someone’s sitting room.

Jon and I picked it up at the dump a few years ago.  It was too much of a mess to put in the house, but we couldn’t bear the thought of it being thrown out.

So we took it home and put it in the barn.   The cats occasionally sit on it, although the chicken’s never do, as if they know it’s no place for a chicken.

Now it seems like it’s an extension of the hay bales.  And is in good company with the old wooden rocker, just visible,  in the background.

I took this photo with my Instax camera, and love the feeling it captured.  Seeming to give life to the inanimate beings that take up space in our barn.

2 thoughts on “Old Victorian Chair In The Barn

  1. Above the upper right corner of the chair, I see the image of a mountain lion, ears, head, eyes, looking down. Perhaps intimidating the chickens?

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