Not Enough Time In The Day

Between yesterday afternoon and this morning I designed a bunch of potholders to restock my Etsy Shop.  I plan on having them finished early next week.

I made some of these using vintage hand embroidered linens.  The two peacocks came from my friend Athena and Susie sent me the Rooster fabric.

I only had the morning to work in my studio because  I was working at the Cambridge Co-op this afternoon.  Once a month, for half a day, I work the register or stock the shelves there.  One of my first jobs when I was a teenager was a cashier at a variety store.  So I’m pretty good on the register.   Back then you actually had to count the change out.  My register was always off, but I guess not enough to get me fired.

The register at the Co-op calculates the change to give back (thankfully), as I imagine all registers do now.  I love working alone in my studio, but it’s good for me to get out in the community once in a while.  I mostly enjoy talking to the people who come in to shop.   I’m pretty bad with names, but I’m familiar with a lot of the faces I see from working there month to month.

I didn’t make it to Bingo at The Mansion Assisted Living Facility, where Jon and I usually go on Friday night,   because we’re having a friend over for dinner and well… it seems the day is just too short to get everything done.

So I’m here at home blogging and doing my email,  while Jon and our friend Susan are at The Mansion calling Bingo.  I asked Susan to sit with Jean, who loves to have someone to  laugh with.  I know they’ll have fun together, they both have a good sense of humor.

OK, I’m off to check my email.  Jon will be home soon to make dinner (another thing to be thankful for) and I’m hoping to take the rest of the night off.

My co-worker at the Cambridge Co-op today. We had some laughs of our own.

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