Hope For My Old Singer

My old Singer Sewing Machine

It was my first sewing machine.

A birthday gift from my mother when I was 22 years old.   Before that I would use her Singer sewing machine, one of those old black ones, from the 1940’s.   At the time I wanted one just like hers, without the “fancy”zig-zag” stitch.   But the one I got was the  simplest machine available and  I did appreciate the  button-hole maker.  It was so much easier to use than hers.

I used to make some of my own clothes back then.  Mostly loose flowing dresses and skirts.

It’s been a few months since my old sewing Singer stopped working.  And a  few weeks ago I finally brought it to Charlies Vaacum Repair in Glens Falls NY,  to see if John, the guy who repairs sewing machines there, could fix it.

John left me a message last week saying he couldn’t find the replacement part that he needed for the machine.

I was sad to hear it.  I don’t use the machine much anymore, but it was my first sewing machine and a good backup.

I didn’t like the idea of bringing it home and taking it to the dump, so I told John he could keep it for parts.

He took it a step further and said he’d hold onto the machine and if he found a part or found another machine like it that he could take the part from, he’d fix it and let me know.

I loved that John appreciated the sewing machine and didn’t want to just get rid of it.  That he’s willing use it for parts or hold onto it to try and fix.

It  gives me hope that maybe he’ll call me up someday and tell me that he found the part and was able to fix it.  I like to believe that my 33 year old Singer, isn’t done yet.

6 thoughts on “Hope For My Old Singer

  1. I know how you feel Maria, my Singer Fashion Mate machine is around 45 years old and I use it almost every day.
    It’s had a few breakdowns, but luckily they have all been fixable.

  2. I love that old Singer sewing machine. I want to keep my old box Sharp 13 inch TV and old VCR player and could not find anyone to fix and was losing the picture (it was getting fainter and fainter) even calling Sharp Corp and they said they could not get the part the TV was too old (picture tube)? Then I found IN HOME TV SERVICE here in Los Angeles and they came out after work ( I work until 7 PM) at 9 PM!!!!!! and the problem was a tiny, tiny part – (a capacitator) they took the TV apart and were at my place for hours and it was the tiny, tiny part called a capacitator! Plus they cleaned the VCR and all for $60!!!! Unheard of in L.A. So there is hope out there for the your loyal Singer!

    1. Wow Eileen. That’s wild! I never would have imagined that there would be someone out there doing that kind of tv repair. It’s hopeful for sure.

  3. I have the SAME machine as yours, Maria. It’s on loan by a friend who’s Mom it belonged to. I gifted my 1972 model to a young woman years ago and was lamenting how I missed it. This one comes in so handy for repairs and hemmings. I love following all of your beautiful creations with yours, Maria.

    1. Oh it’s nice to know there are more of them out there Doris. There is hope yet for my sewing machine. It really is a good machine for all those things.

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