My Shekinah Potholders For Sale

My Shekinah Potholders

I just posted the three Shekinah Potholders, I still have available, in my Etsy Shop.  I sold three of them over the weekend.

The image came was a part of a drawing I did around Christmas.  Then I used it in my Shekinah fabric painting.  I think it stands on its own, a symbol of the regenerative power of nature and the fecund world of the Divine Feminine.

Shekinah is the goddess in the Kabbalah who is a fierce protector of Mother Nature.

Each of my Shekinah Potholders is individually stitched and no two are exactly alike.  They’re $25 each with a flat rate shipping of $5.  You can see them and buy them here. 



The drawing my Shekinah Potholders came from.

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