Talking To Fate

Fate waits impatiently for me to tell her to “get the sheep”  when we’re in the barnyard.

Sometimes I just wave my hand and off she goes. I don’t even know why she waits for me to tell her.  All she does is circle them aimlessly and endlessly.

But the really remarkable thing is that, ever since Jon and I talked on his radio show Talking To Animals about how I believe I inadvertently trained Fate not to come when I called her out of the pasture, and we came up with a plan to make her come when I call, she does.

Why we never seriously discussed it at home, I’m still not sure.  But talking about it on the radio gave us the place and time to really figure it out.

I think it was mostly me not giving Fate a clear enough message about what I really wanted her to do.

But now I’m doing it right and so is she.

Sometimes now she even just follows me out of the barnyard.  Mostly I just say her name softly and give her a hand signal motioning her towards me.  Sometimes I have to do it a few times because she stops as we’re walking out of the barnyard and looks back at the sheep.

So her response varies, but she still comes without me yelling at her.

I give her a lot of praise once were out the gate too.  It’s so much better for both of us and it still surprises me every time we do it.

Tomorrow I’ll be calling into Talking To Animals in the second half of the show, as I’ve been doing for the past few weeks.

We’re going to continue our conversation about animal consciousness.

I’m still trying to figure out exactly what “animal consciousness means.”   But that’s the interesting thing about it.  It’s not like I go on the show having all the answers.  It’s about the conversation, the listening and considering, the thinking and coming to place of knowing or knowing I don’t know.

Last week I read an article in The Atlantic about animal consciousness that’s making me question the difference between intelligence and consciousness.  I’m definitely going to bring that up tomorrow.

So if you have a question  or thoughts about any of your animals, either behavioral, or philosophical, give Jon a call tomorrow on Talking To Animals.

It’s from 1-3pm  on Wbtn Am .  You can call Jon at 802 442 1010 or 866 442-9286.  Or just tune in and listen, you can live stream it here.



6 thoughts on “Talking To Fate

  1. In the yogic and Buddhist worlds, consciousness is the underlying animating force common to all things, even inanimate things like rocks. In animals consciousness is less refined than in humans.

  2. Welcome. In so called inanimate objects, consciousness is present but very subtle simply because the Universe itself is consciousness and they’re a part of the Universe.

  3. Dear Maria, I have so enjoyed your very thoughtful discussions on the Talking to Animals Show. And I’m excited about the answer you found to communicate to Fate that you are serious about leaving the pasture and having her leave with you! This more subtle, intimate communication of her name and hand signals when she is close to you is something I can definitely do also. Looking forward to downloading yesterday’s podcast and hearing more of what you have to say!

    1. Thanks for listening Annie. The radio show has been and interesting thing for me to do. It gets me thinking about things I might not otherwise be thinking about. It’s kinda fun too.

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