My Singer And I Thank You

My old Singer Sewing Machine

After writing about my broken 33 year old Singer Sewing machine last week, I got so many responses and suggestions about how to get parts for it,  I called my repair man John and let him know I might be able to find the part he needs to fix it.

A couple of people told me about machines like mine I could use for part on eBay and Margaret said her sewing machine repair man might have the part.  A few people also suggested some repair shops close to where I live.

When I called John to tell him and find out exactly what part it is I need, he said he just got a sewing machine in his shop that he thinks he may be able to use to fix my machine.

I wasn’t planning on getting in touch with John again, I was letting go of it,  leaving the fate of my sewing machine in his hands.   But because of all the feedback I got from all of you, and my reminding him about it again, I think now, it may actually get fixed.

So thanks.  It seems there’s a lot more people than I thought who understand the attachment we sewers have to our old sewing machines.

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