Specks In The Snow

At first I thought these tiny insects were just some kind of dust on the snow.  They’re that small.

But then I saw them moving.  It was only when I looked at them on my iPhone with the new macro lens Jon got me that I could see them for what they are.

Not that I  know what they are, beyond the tiniest of insects.



3 thoughts on “Specks In The Snow

  1. Hi Maria, interesting video. I believe those bugs are called snow fleas. I live in Wisconsin where we’ve got plenty snow on the ground. I’ve looked for those little critters in the snow but have never seen them. So thanks for the video!

    1. Oh Thanks Barbara! That makes so much sense. They remind me of sand fleas that I used to see at the ocean. So glad you like the video, that kinda makes my day.

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