What Are You Wondering, Almost Done


I spent the whole day working on my fabric painting today.  I meant to spend the afternoon finishing up the  Thinking of Spring Potholders  I started last week, but  I got so caught up in the fabric painting,  I   couldn’t stop.

It took me a little while to get started this morning.  But once I made the blue and while grid, the rest came easy, one thing leading to another.

I’m loving the technique of stitching over the top fabric then cutting it away.  I know I’ll use it again.

Right now I feel like it might be done, but I’ll look at it in the morning and know for sure.

The snaps, broken buttons, pins and hooks all came from my button box.

When I washed the buttons a few weeks ago, I pulled out  all the small metal pieces thinking I’d just throw them away.  But, of course, once I saw them all tougher they were too intriguing to get rid of.

I wasn’t sure if they belonged on this piece when I first place them in the white squares, but I also couldn’t stop  myself from sewing them down with silver thread.

I decided to trust that instinct, even if I didn’t quite understand it.

2 thoughts on “What Are You Wondering, Almost Done

  1. That looks really cool! Reminds me of the work of a doll artist named Channa Khandra (I think that’s how you spell her name). Her doll clothes are made in miniature quilt designs and decorated with small beads, precious stones and metal bits. Keep up the great work you are doing as well as helping the planet by recycling/upcycling. Lamar from Texas

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