Art For The Donkeys

Fanny and Lulu

Fanny and Lulu have never needed to be rescued.  Jon bought the both from a breeder and they’ve lived most of their life on Bedlam Farm.

I love the idea of spending the rest of my life with them.  I don’t know if that will happen.  Donkeys live a long time up to forty years. That means I’ll be turning 80  when they’re 40 years old.

It’s because of Fanny and Lulu, getting to know and love them, and understanding the realities of donkey’s lives with people, that for the past few years, I’ve been donating some of my art to Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue’s, Cabin Fever Auction.  

I’ve been in touch with Ann Firestone who runs the rescue with her husband, for years, but I’ve never actually visited it or met her in person.  That’s something Jon and I plan to do this spring.  They’re just a few hours away in New Hampshire.

This year I’m donating two potholders (Lulu eating Flowers and Thinking of Spring) to  the Cabin Fever Auction and Jon is donating a Donkey Walk photograph.   The auction is held at the end of the month, they don’t have a firm date yet, but will soon.

You can find out more about Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue and their Cabin Fever Auction auction here. 

The two potholders I’m donation to the Cabin Fever Auction
Donkey Walk by Jon Katz

4 thoughts on “Art For The Donkeys

  1. HUGE thanks to you and Jon, Maria. I am so very grateful for your on-going, generous, and thoughtful donations to our on line auction. I am looking forward to your visit in the spring in a big way! You are a kindred spirit for sure! This year’s donations are amazing, as usual. THANK YOU!

  2. While I love the clean, quiet beauty of Jon’s “Donkey Walk”, I think that your photo too would make a nice print. It shows a warmly peaceful tableau of two donkey sisters companionably sharing a meal of hay, with that lovely vista in the background. In feels at once close and intimate, within a vast spaciousness.

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