Big Enough Woods

I haven’t  seen any sign of the bobcat since I last wrote about her, but today, when I crossed over the Gulley bridge into the woods, I came across this trail of duck feet.

I can just picture the two ducks (mallards I’d imagine) hopping out of the water and walking over the ice and the wooden plank ,that is the Gulley bridge, to get to the other side.


The woods behind our house are big enough for me to wander in, and aways see something new, but small enough for me not to get lost.  Which is a good thing, because I have a terrible sense of direction.

And as much evidence of animals I see there, there is evidence of humans too.

An old cement  foundation to a long gone barn, plastic fluorescent markers tied around trees, tree stands for hunting in the fall.  And there’s even a couple of hunters encampments, two permanent campers and a makeshift shelter.

But in the five years I’ve been walking in the woods, I’ve only seen people twice.  And sometimes I make good use of the marks they’ve made.

There’s one wooden tree stand in a big pine that I love to sit in.  Our Lab, Lenore used to wait for me while I climbed the wooden ladder, sat on the wooden plank and rested my back against the pine.  Now Fate does the same.

When we first moved here, I had no idea how far the woods stretched.

I got to know them in the winters when I could follow my own footprints back home.  There have been times where I thought I was lost in our woods, but now I know that I’ll always come upon a road or a path or a tree I know if I just keep walking.

Sometimes when Fate and I are retuning from our walks in the woods, Fanny or Lulu will know we’re close and we can hear them braying to us.   But even if the animals are quiet, I know by the time we get back into he pasture, where ever they are, the come too greet us.



2 thoughts on “Big Enough Woods

  1. Those duck prints are wonderful! Such a beautiful shape. I was excited to see the possum prints in my city backyard because of the long, curvy line from his/her tail. But duck prints! They remind me of an Art Deco fabric print.

    1. They are a great shape Katherine. I thought they looked like a necklace, but I can definitely see a Deco print in them. I can just picture that print of the possum tail, I’d love to see that. There is wildlife everywhere if we look for it.

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