Restocking Our Little Free Library

Jon filling up our little free library with books.

I haven’t seen many footprints leading up to our Little Free Library lately.  The snow piled up on the side of the road is definitely a deterrent.  Next winter I’ll be sure to keep a path shoved, reminding people who pass by that it’s still open for business.

Yesterday Jon and I did a clean up of our big dining room table, Jon’s office and the growing pile of books on the shelf in the living room.  It got so high if someone was sitting on the couch they couldn’t see the person sitting in the chair behind it.

We sorted thought the books and chose some for our Little Free Library, mostly mysteries, novels and a a couple of  children’s books, and some went in a bag to donate to the Cambridge Library.

I also dropped off two books in the Little Free Library in  Arlington Vermont, replacing a couple I took a few weeks ago.

So if you’re in the neighborhood and are looking for a good book to read, come by,  take a book and leave a book. Or just take a book, we always have plenty of books to replenish our library with.

2 thoughts on “Restocking Our Little Free Library

  1. Hi Maria. I have lived in canyon country, California for 30 years. As I was driving home I looked in awe, amazement and thought wow. There by the sidewalk was a little free library that had been newly put in place. I know I will surely be visiting it.

    1. It’s happening all over the country Barbara. I was surprised to see two in our area. It’s a wonderful way to share books. Enjoy your New Little Free Library.

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